SRS Gay Lesbian or Bisexual Employees and Allies Association


Savannah River Site Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees and Allies Association Charter

October 1, 2021 *

I. Purpose
To establish and acknowledge:
A. The Savannah River Site (SRS) Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees and Allies Association, hereafter referred to as “SRS GLOBE”;
B. The SRS GLOBE’s general goal is to further increase awareness of gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender employee issues at all levels within the SRS; and
C. The SRS GLOBE’s support of the SRS in pursuing the objectives of quality management practices and diversity in the Site work force.
II. Functions
The SRS GLOBE working with the Site shall:
A. Work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender employees at the SRS (including Department of Energy Personnel and contractor organizations);
B. Educate employees and managers about issues of concern to gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender employees; and
C. Facilitate good work relationships between SRS employees of all sexual orientations.
III. Policies
A. The scope of the SRS GLOBE interest shall include, but not be limited to, Department of Energy and contractor organizations, including future key elements;
B. The SRS GLOBE shall be a secular nonprofit, nonpartisan, and
noncommercial organization that shall be supported by external contributions;
C. The SRS GLOBE shall not discriminate against persons with disabilities or on the basis of sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental handicap, sex, race, age, marital status, national origin, political affiliation or parental status;
D. The SRS GLOBE shall be organized to conduct activities of interest common to its general membership and shall expend funds for that purpose.
IV. Membership
A. Although the SRS GLOBE focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employee issues, voting membership is open to any Site employee or contractor interested in these issues;
B. Voting membership is also open to any person who is a retired SRS employee;
C. In addition, any other person outside SRS who subscribes to the goals and
missions of the SRS GLOBE and is approved by the Board of Directors or
other officer designated by the Board of Directors shall be entitled to associate
membership. Associate members are not voting members;
D. Honorary memberships may be conferred by a majority vote of members
attending a general meeting. Honorary members are not voting members;
E. Annual membership dues shall be $25.00 for standard members and $10.00 for student members. Dues shall be paid upon joining SRS GLOBE and every subsequent October;
F. No member shall engage in any activity in the name of SRS GLOBE without
the express approval of the majority of the SRS GLOBE Board of Directors;
G. Because some members may not be open about their sexual orientation, the
membership list will be kept confidential and maintained by the SRS GLOBE
Board of Directors;
H. It is the responsibility of the officers and members to maintain the
confidentiality of fellow employees who attend meetings;
I. Any member may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by a
majority vote of the Board of Directors then in office.
V. Officers and Election Process
The SRS GLOBE will annually elect four officers: President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer. GLOBE members will nominate and elect officers from
among themselves at a general meeting. The officers will be nominated and
elected by a simple majority vote of members attending the election meeting.
Any officer may be removed with or without cause by a majority vote of the
membership of SRS GLOBE.
VI. Duties
A. The President, with the help of the other officers and committees, when
appropriate, will:
1. Develop or update a vision statement that will comprise the strategic
business needs and solutions of SRS GLOBE and the Site’s interests as
they affect gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender employees;
2. Develop or update a statement of direction that will identify specific
annual goals and objectives in support of the SRS GLOBE vision;
3. Organize, direct, and coordinate all SRS GLOBE activities to meet
defined goals and objectives;
4. Annually assess progress made, evaluate the effectiveness of the goals and
objectives themselves, take necessary actions to correct any deficiency,
and report findings to the SRS GLOBE;
5. Develop the agenda and preside at all meetings of the general
6. Serve as the official representative and spokesperson for SRS GLOBE;
7. Coordinate with SRS GLOBE in establishing committees, assuring that
committee chairpersons are nominated and elected, and act as an oversight
manager of all committees;
8. Sign and execute agreements and obligations voted by a majority of the
members in attendance at meetings; and
9. Maintain a master file for the SRS GLOBE with assistance from the other
B. The Vice President will:
1. Keep members informed of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender
employee concerns, issues, and activities;
2. Act as media coordinator for such activities as placing meeting notices in
local gay publications;
3. Advise and assist the President in the execution of his or her
responsibilities; and
4. The Vice President will execute the functions of the President in their
5. Upon the resignation of the President, the Vice President will oversee a
new election for President.
C. The Secretary will:
1. Keep minutes of all general meetings;
2. Maintain all official correspondence and documents;
3. Develop or coordinate the development of reports and correspondence as
may be assigned by the President or Vice President;
4. Notify members of all meetings and activities;
5. Circulate minutes, agendas, and other pertinent documents;
6. Maintain a confidential list of members and other non-financial records;
7. Serve as the SRS GLOBE’s historian; and
8. Coordinate with the Treasurer:
a. Provide any funds collected for the Treasurer and request receipt for
the same; and
b. Serve as second signature on checking account if so designated.
D. The Treasurer will:
1. Receive all funds payable to the SRS GLOBE and issue receipt for such
2. Satisfy financial obligations as duly authorized by a majority vote of
members present at a general meeting;
3. Keep a clear and accurate record of all SRS GLOBE receipts and
4. Maintain a checking account to store funds and issue payments, and ensure that the second signature on the account is that of another Officer; and
5. Present a report to the general membership on the financial status of the SRS GLOBE quarterly or when required.
VII. Filling Vacant Positions
A. When an officer resigns, transfers, or gains employment outside the Site,
he/she shall provide a written notice of resignation to the President within two
weeks prior to leaving the SRS GLOBE.
B. In the event the President is the resigning officer, the Vice President shall
assume the President’s responsibilities for the remainder of the term or until a
new election can be held, whichever comes first. A new Vice President can be
nominated, if needed, and elected by members at the next general meeting.
VIII. Committees
A. Any SRS GLOBE member may recommend that a committee be formed to
develop a specific issue of interest. The SRS GLOBE membership will then
consider and vote on establishing the committee provided that an adequate
number of members are willing to serve on the committee.
B. Any member of the SRS GLOBE may nominate a fellow member to the
Chairperson of a committee. The SRS GLOBE in turn will elect from the
available nominations the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, if needed, for
the committee.
C. The Committee Chairperson or Vice Chairperson will report the status of the
committee effort at general SRS GLOBE meetings.
IX. SRS GLOBE Management Sponsor
A representative nominated by the Board of Directors will serve as the official
liaison between the SRS GLOBE and the Site. The role of the Sponsor will be to
advise and assist in accomplishing SRS GLOBE objectives.
X. Meetings
A. Meetings will be held bi-monthly and will be open to any DOE-SR Federal or
contractor employee. Other meetings may be held as needed and authorized
by the President or Vice President to discuss special issues identified at
monthly meetings. During all meetings; Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.
In the absence of any Officers, the members shall appoint a presiding officer
and secretary for the meeting.
B. The officers and committee chairperson shall have the authority to conduct
other than general meetings with the results of such meetings reported at
monthly meetings.
C. Meeting locations will be held at such place as determined by the SRS
GLOBE Board of Directors.
XI. Voting
A. Votes by a majority of members present at SRS GLOBE meetings shall
constitute a quorum authorized to initiate or transact normal business duly
presented. All issues regarding significant changes to the SRS GLOBE shall
be presented as voting issues and voted on by at least sixty percent of the
active members. The number of active members shall be determined by
reference to a list of active members maintained by the Secretary.
B. Associate and honorary members do not have a right to vote.
C. A member may vote by proxy executed in writing to the Secretary of SRS
D. Voting for removal from office with or without cause shall be done without
prejudice and must be in the best interest of the SRS GLOBE.
XII. Amendments
Any amendments or changes to the SRS GLOBE Charter will be made by a two-
thirds vote of members present at general meetings.
XIII. Order of Business
The Council will adopt the following order at general meetings:
A. Call to order.
B. Approval of minutes of the prior meeting.
C. Report of the Treasurer (if necessary).
D. Report of the Vice President (if necessary).
E. Report from Committees (if necessary).
F. Unfinished Business.
G. New Business.
H. General announcements of interest.
I. Adjournment.

* Revised on 4/14/2010.